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Types of Oils

  100%  Organic Pure Oils Along With Essential Oils And Extracts


Purity Talks uses 100% organic oils, herbs, fruits, flowers, extracts and seeds. Each oil base can be used in a singular form for a full affect, or mixed with other oil carriers, extracts and essential oils. Some oils are heavier than others; this fact should be considered when seeking to apply it on your skin versus your hair. Depending on what your desire goals are, some oils may need to be used twice a week versus daily.

When applying essential oils directly onto the scalp or bare skin, it is best to combine it with a base oil, also known as a carrier oil. This can protect your skin. Essential oils are very strong, due to it being a highly concentrated product. This means it can irritate your skin. The combination of both oils, base oils and essential oils, allows the potency of both types of oils to penetrate beyond the skin/scalp, into the muscles, joints and under layers of the skin, gently.
Multi Oil: Mega Growth
100% Organic


Volume 1

Purity Talks presents its very own multi oil. This product is on the market for those who want a premade formula that can work for breakage, split ends, dandruff, thinness, psoriasis, and hair loss. Volume 1 contains natural ingredients that can work within a few weeks. 

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